Moulton, “the Friendly little City with a heart as big as Texas” is located in the magic triangle of Austin, San Antonio and Houston, all within a 90 mile drive. This historic area of Texas is also home to Shiner and Gonzales, all favorite sites for early settlement by Czech and German immigrants so there is never a shortage of exciting and educational things to see and do.

While staying at the Moulton Inn and Suites you may want to check out one of the many wineries, take the Painted Church tour or shop one of the area antique shops. Our staff will assist with information and directions.

Shiner, a short 9 mile drive, has the Gas Light Theater providing an evening of dining and great plays featuring area thespians. Spoetzl Brewery, Home of Shiner Beer is also in Shiner. Not only does the brewery offer great tours, but they sponsor a cycle ride each spring and a 1/2 marathon and 10k run in the fall.

With the additional festivals and local activities, be sure to call early to make your reservations!


Moulton, Texas